Webinar - Beyond Greenwashing: Tech’s Road to Energy Sustainability.

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Webinar - Beyond Greenwashing: Tech’s Road to Energy Sustainability.

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Sustainability in tech. Understand the regs that’ll affect you and get practical advice you can implement now.

Energy sustainability in the tech sector is increasingly under the microscope, and rightly so. Front-runners are benefitting by using green-credentials as a competitive advantage. For the rest, regulations are on the way.

We’re here to discuss both sides. What to expect from upcoming regulations, and what you can do now to move towards energy sustainability.

Who is this session for?

Are you responsible for, or involved in your organisation’s response to the upcoming SS3/19 (and other climate-related) regulations? Or perhaps you’d like to hear some practical, technology-specific advice to help your organisation move towards energy sustainability now?

This session is designed for senior tech leaders such as CIOs, CTOs, and Heads of Engineering, but is open to all.

What will I learn?

  • SS3/19 Regulations: Predictions on what to expect, and how to prepare.

  • Tech sustainability: Practical, tech-specific advice to help your organisation become more sustainable.

  • Avoid Greenwashing: More than marketing and messaging. How to move beyond Greenwashing.


Meet the speakers

Barry Chandler, Founder at

Barry has over 25 years of experience working in the IT industry, with most of that time working for global enterprises, managing delivery teams.

In 2015, he began organising conferences and meetups focusing on DevOps and enterprise agility. More recently, Barry has turned his attention to helping enterprises reduce their carbon footprint by being more energy efficient. He is the founder of, which is a non for profit organisation that’s developing a community of technologists who share his passion for sustainability.

Barry lives with Parkinson's disease, which can be frustrating at times, but also in some respects has been the best thing that's happened to him.


Ben Dodd, CTO & Co-founder, Armakuni

Ben Dodd, Armakuni’s CTO & Co-founder, is a thought leader in Cloud Native software development and digital transformation. A true change agent, Ben has a proven track record of leading both public and private organisations’ adoption of DevOps principles and culture, using his technical expertise at ground level to drive the change while also acting as a strategic advisor to the C-suite.

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