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Enabled Teams.
Aligned Organisations.
Accelerated Delivery.

We help organisations use cloud-native technologies and thinking to drive growth, be more efficient, and increase customer value, whilst also minimising risk.

Our clients get the hands-on support they need to choose and implement the most appropriate technologies and tools, embed scalable processes, and develop high-performance engineering teams.

Enabling action

We work side-by-side with business and engineering leaders to overcome blockers and create positive change.

Our clients know where and why to invest. Their teams can demonstrate the value of what they’re doing now whilst also identifying opportunities to improve future performance.

Aligning Organisations

We help drive better interactions and create teams of teams that achieve strategic objectives at scale and pace.

Our clients develop clear visions that their whole organisation can align to. Their teams get the operational guidance they need to increase effectiveness and achieve faster flow, now and in the future.

Accelerating Delivery

We embed experienced engineers into in-house teams, using pair programming, coaching techniques, proven processes, and the right tools, to develop the capabilities of existing staff and consistently deliver value.

Our clients feel confident about hitting deadlines. Their teams enjoy working in a collaborative, high-performance environment that becomes more self-sustaining over time.

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Marcus East - CDO, T-Mobile US

“It has been my pleasure to work with Armakuni in my previous roles, and they are always an excellent partner."

The Armakuni team is different from other consultancy firms for a number of reasons.

Firstly they understand people and how to create a culture of innovation and engineering excellence. Armakuni set us on the right path and gave us the tools to stay there.

With Armakuni's help and guidance, we were able to deliver projects quickly, create collaborative engineering teams and speed up flow. Most importantly, everyone from senior leadership through to junior engineers loved working with them and learned a great deal.”

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