Imagine a world where your ‘path to live’ is fast and immediately scaleable

Where you can deploy into production with confidence. Where the business is fully engaged and you can focus on application velocity, delivering business-led innovation, and creating differentiation at scale, quickly.

Armakuni is a team of technology consultants and software engineers who specialise in leveraging cloud native and as-a-service enablers to build, deploy and run the highest quality software, faster, with more confidence, less risk and at lower cost.

We help organisations overcome the challenges of moving to digital and Cloud based technology by using Cloud Native software and practices to accelerate software delivery and create value, faster. For information about the different ways we do this click here.

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Armakuni’s involvement gives us 100% confidence. Not only that, Armakuni has significantly reduced the cost and time associated with the build and operation of the platform.
— Zenon Hannick, CTO, Comic Relief

We seamlessly integrate XP and Test Driven Development, and enterprise-grade, multi-cloud tooling such as Cloud Foundry, to power your continuous delivery pipeline. This fundamentally improves the way you build, deploy and run software, accelerating development velocity, and reducing feedback cycles.

We empower our clients to take ideas to production in weeks, not months, acting as change catalysts, accelerating your cloud-native journey and enabling your teams.


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