What is Cloud Native?

The Armakuni Way redefines the way software is delivered, from development and testing to platform

On a foundation of enterprise-grade, multi-cloud tooling such as Cloud Foundry, we seamlessly integrate XP and Test Driven Development into organisations as part of a continuous delivery pipeline. The resulting pipeline delivers value in iterations measured in hours not months.

Why should I go Cloud Native?

The world's organisations are on a journey to redefinition as software-driven - the question is only: how quickly

Our transformative affect touches all parts of delivering value, including architectural design, software development, project management, continuous delivery and multi-cloud platforms.

How can we accelerate your journey?

We are a team of technology consultants and software engineers who specialise in leveraging cloud native and as-a-service enablers to build, deploy and run the highest quality software, faster, with more confidence, less risk and at lower cost.


We combine our team of our cloud native architects with your domain expertise to develop an architecture suitable for scalability and rapid feature delivery


We use a combination of Training, Dojos, Pairing and the Armakuni Way to reimage your organisation as rapid-delivery product teams, whether you have 5 or 5000 developers


Our experience delivering globally-distributed micro-service platforms using the latest cloud native approaches remove the risk surrounding delivery and cost and replace it with success


Our experience automating the delivery Cloud Foundry Platforms, be it Open Source or Pivotal Enterprise is second-to-none. Security patches and features can be delivered globally in hours not weeks

Our full-spectrum Cloud Native solutions from training and cutting-edge software delivery to multi-cloud platforms will ensure technology will never be a limiting factor
— Tim Savage, Co-Founder, Armakuni
We enable you to play at the cutting edge of Cloud Native Software & Platform development with the certainty 5 years PaaS experience affords
— Ben Dodd, Co-Founder, Armakuni

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