We focus on the right outcomes

We help our clients to drive growth, be more efficient, and increase customer value, whilst also minimising risk.

Typical outcomes include:

  • Enhanced business agility: Enabling the faster deployment and provisioning of resources, to reduce time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Increased productivity: Promoting better communication and closer collaboration, to support more efficient working and increase productivity.
  • Improved scalability: Moving services into the cloud so that they can be scaled up or down to respond quickly to changes in demand, handle peak loads and drive cost efficiencies.
  • Becoming a data-driven organisation: Gathering, processing and analysing data to discover insights that can improve decision making, drive better customer outcomes and underpin operational efficiencies.
  • Increased security: Addressing external and internal security threats and supporting digital transformation.

Measuring Success

Once we’ve agreed what business outcome needs to be prioritised, we help you to decide how best to measure engineering success and learn from ongoing delivery.

Our clients use metrics such as DORA and Flow to measure team performance but they know that measuring deployment frequency, lead time for changes etc. on their own rarely expose the specific problems that prevent teams from becoming high performing.

We help organisations to measure the right things to generate the insight they need to improve performance and drive positive outcomes.

Providing support in the right areas

In our experience, organisations need support in one or more of three, key areas:

  • Enabling action: The actionable insights, advice and guidance business and engineering leaders need to overcome blockers and create positive change.

  • Aligning organisations: The strategic support leaders and change agents need to align around clear visions, and the operational support they need to increase effectiveness and achieve fast flow.

  • Accelerating delivery: The hands-on engineering support delivery teams need to deliver better outcomes now, whilst developing (and retaining) high-performance, in-house, cloud-native teams to drive sustainable acceleration in future.

We don’t mandate a specific approach, or package of services; we agree exactly what you need, often combining various services.

We're hands-on

We have the people to support you, whatever your specific needs:

  • CTO Advisors

  • Trainers

  • Embedded engineers

  • Standalone teams

Our Thinking