We build with you,

not for you

Our clients know that moving operations into the cloud is about more than migrating systems. 
  • It’s about supporting people in periods of (what can feel like ongoing) transition
  • It’s about supporting teams to implement and embed the right processes
  • It’s about choosing technologies and tools that can meet criteria ranging from business requirements and value, through to scalability and interoperability
We help our clients to navigate this complexity by building with them, not for them.

We build and migrate cloud platforms, run cloud-native development projects, and create data platforms and analytics tools.

We can provide urgent assistance when there’s a burning platform but are just as comfortable planning and implementing best practice for greenfield cloud projects and programmes.

Enabling Action

We work side-by-side with business and engineering leaders to overcome blockers and create positive change.

Our services include:

  • Engineering insights
  • CTO advisory
  • Team Topologies awareness

“Armakuni have provided us with the evidence to present to the board to drive change. The views they have given us lead to clear, measurable action that we can communicate throughout the organisation."

Paul Wilson, Interim CTO, News UK

Aligning Organisations

We help to align teams and organisations around a clear vision of what good looks like, using shared language, to drive better interactions, and create teams of teams that achieve strategic objectives at scale and pace.

Our services include:

  • Current, interim, and future state roadmapping
  • Cloud delivery: Planning, training, and implementation
  • Team Topologies leadership enabling

“With such a complex and diverse technology landscape, real agility meant finding a way to adhere to the principles of the cloud native approach but within the limitations of the environment. The Armakuni approach is all about making the principles practicable so they can really start to make a difference to the way we work.”

Julie Caldwell, Senior Delivery Manager, Legacy, Technology Services Division,
Office for National Statistics

Accelerating Delivery

We embed experienced engineers into in-house teams, to do hands-on work whilst using pair programming, coaching techniques, proven processes, and the right tools, to develop the capabilities of existing staff, and consistently deliver value.

Our services include:

  • Current, interim, and future state roadmapping
  • Cloud delivery: Planning, training, and implementation
  • Team Topologies leadership enabling

This was not just about changing what we do but how we think. All too often what is learnt in training is quickly lost once teams are back into the day job, but the combination of building and learning together and the immersive nature of the programmes meant the application of new ways of working was far easier and more effective.”

Head of Engineering, Retail Bank

Our Case Studies

Office For National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics launched an ambitious strategy to transform the technology at the heart of the UK government’s statistics department. Struggling to turn vision into reality, the ONS turned to Armakuni to evolve their vision from PowerPoint to practice.

As well as a 90% capability uplift in awareness of modern software techniques across the department, we successfully introduced a method of learning and experimenting that was technology agnostic. Its reach was broadened to encompass key stakeholders from the business - anyone that was interacting with technology and would benefit from understanding what good looks like.

What we delivered

We devised a context specific training programme that allowed ONS to achieve its ambition of think big, do small, act fast. This included:
- A hands-on course for software engineers
- An awareness building course for delivery, architecture, analysis, ux, design, leadership, and support roles
- A programme of hypothesis-led, metrics-driven experimentation, across multiple teams and departments


Santander needed to transform in order to be able to hold its own in an increasingly competitive and challenging market. This meant a change was needed in the way it approached product and service development to support innovation and accelerate delivery.

Working with Armakuni gave Santander’s teams the confidence to experiment, knowing that through continuous testing they were able to identify the ideas that didn't work early - and discard them. This in turn created more appetite for innovation because there was less risk. Their internal team up skilled creating a sense of satisfaction in the work and a knock on of better staff retention. And - and most importantly - their high quality products and services were being delivered faster and with far fewer flaws.

What we delivered

We created a guild within the business called the ‘Engineering Way’, to facilitate the shift of technology teams away from a traditional ways of working to a continuous delivery focus, including the essential technical practices required to enable true agility.
This enabling function addressed the end-to-end delivery value stream as well as launching community transformation initiatives to support technical training.

A Global Bank

This large global bank’s ambitious Ways of Working programme is about transformation across people, processes and delivery. Armakuni was brought in to help them around delivery - speeding things up through a Cloud first approach and continuous delivery.

The result was a scalable approach that enabled teams to create prioritised and targeted backlogs. Once the teams have a backlog they then have a clear route to making improvements using either self-service training, DevOps communities of practice or experts who can embed them.

The action-based approach delivered by Armakuni also meant that every backlog has a measurable, positive effect within the first week.

What we delivered

We created a Centre of Excellence focussed on DevOps that was designed to transition across to internal ownership over time, helping to ensure cultural change was embedded for the long term.
The Centre developed a series of training tools and services that would identify gaps in - and rapidly improve - DevOps capability across a broad and distributed business landscape.

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