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We have a company activity every Friday, built around our continuous learning culture and bringing our internal community together. We host AK Days (company-wide training days) on the last Friday of the month.

These activities are important to us, so we build them into our client contracts so you’ll always be able to attend.

We value knowledge sharing and the opportunity to showcase our personal and professional work as it helps our learning and innovation so we host a lunchtime Demo at least once a month.

We encourage an open and transparent environment and every month hold a company-wide retrospective. These can be run by anyone and offer a chance for everyone to reflect and improve on what doesn't work, and build and evolve on what does. 


Armakuni has given me the right environment to grow from being a role player into a leader. It has been a transformative experience.

Ashish Sehra, Senior Consulting Engineer

We offer benefits to support your personal and professional development goals as well as your health and wellbeing. 
Our People and Culture team work hard to ensure that our benefits package reflects the needs of our team and continually reviews and updates them accordingly.


Find out more about our continuous learning culture.

Our Work / Life Promise

Our environment fosters a healthy and sustainable approach to work; which means you can be part of an evolving technology-driven community whilst at work and switch off out-of-hours. We have a mix of full-time and part-time team members and all our company meetings are recorded so you don’t have to miss out.  

We show our commitment to a Continuous Learning culture by providing two days a month dedicated to learning; time is wonderful but you can only make the most of it if you have access to the resources you need, so we provide an annual £2,000 budget which you can use on books, certifications, or even, that audible subscription- whatever helps your learning journey. We set aside an additional 5 Learning Days that you can use to attend conferences, which means you get almost an entire calendar month dedicated to developing your skills and advancing your career, every year.

We are a Remote First company so by default you will be working from home. Your health and safety are very important to us, so we provide you with an annual remote office set-up allowance to ensure your home office is fit for purpose.

We recognise though, that not everyone can or wants to work from home, so we also provide a budget for local co-working spaces to give you some space or just a change of scene.

Whilst remote working provides huge convenience for us and our clients, there is still huge value from face-to-face meetings so we provide a company expenses card to cover your travel.

We offer private healthcare with Bupa, which also provides access to free virtual GP appointments with Babylon Health; these make sure you have fast access to healthcare when you need it.

You also have access to Spill, an online mental health platform that provides confidential therapy, whether one-off or a number of sessions. And as everyone restores their energy in different ways, we provide a monthly wellness allowance to use on whatever works for you, a massage, yoga, gym membership or a slice of cake.

We all go through challenges at different stages of our lives, some happy and some sad; at all these times, work should be the last thing you think about. We have a number of policies to help support you when you need it most, for as many circumstances as we can, including enhanced Maternity and Paternity Leave for biological and adopted children, Shared Parental Leave, Paid time off for Antenatal or Adoption Appointments, Parental Leave, Pregnancy Loss, Dependants Leave and Compassionate Leave.

We are a growing company and to ensure that everyone feels part of that journey, each of our employees are offered share options. We help you prepare for the future with private 1:1 financial advice about your pension and income protection to support you if there is an unexpected change in your circumstances.

We want to support you with sponsorship to the causes that are close to your heart so AK would like to match any contribution made by yourself and your fellow AKers, for the events you are participating in the UK Charity of your choosing.

Billie Thompson, Lead Consulting Engineer

John Ikeson, Consulting Engineer