Webinar - Optimising Cognitive Load For The Leaders Of Teams

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Webinar - Optimising Cognitive Load For The Leaders Of Teams

Are you struggling to do more with the same number of people? Are your teams bogged down or burnt out?

A failure to understand and balance cognitive load can affect teams and whole organisations. In fact, cognitive load is a key lens through which to view an organisation, it’s teams and how value flows to it’s customers.

It causes burnout, hampers productivity and stifles innovation. We’ll reveal how to identify cognitive overload in your teams, and adjust the flow of work to recover lost efficiency, maximise delivery and improve employee retention. Expect practical advice and strategies, along with real-life success stories, and the pitfalls to avoid.

This webinar is a follow-on from the sold-out talk at FastFlowConf in May 2023 - if you missed that, you won’t want to miss this too.

Who is this session for?

This session is designed for senior tech leaders such as CIOs, CTOs and Heads of Engineering/DevOps, but is open to all.

What will I learn? What will I leave with?

  • Better understand Cognitive Load: What it is, and the three types of Cognitive Load.

  • How to identify issues within your team: How issues manifest in teams and individuals.

  • How to optimise your team’s Cognitive Load: Specific, actionable strategies you can use to highlight and improve issues.

  • A workshop template to use with your teams 🎁🎁


Q&A from the webinar


Meet the speakers

Billie Thompson - Lead Consulting Engineer, Armakuni

Billie Thompson specialises in Cloud Native software development, DevOps and Day2Operations. With a background spanning multiple programming languages Billie is a true polyglot developer, comfortable architecting microservice applications, building and supporting infrastructure platforms and coaching teams to adopt new technologies and practices.


Ben Dodd - CTO & Co-founder, Armakuni

Ben Dodd, Armakuni’s CTO & Co-founder, is a thought leader in Cloud Native software development and digital transformation. A true change agent, Ben has a proven track record of leading both public and private organisations’ adoption of DevOps principles and culture, using his technical expertise at ground level to drive the change while also acting as a strategic advisor to the C-suite.

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