• Red Nose Day 2013

    Comic Relief is now able to process more transactions per second than virtually any other donation system in the world. This enabled Comic Relief to raise a record-breaking £93,968,291 and counting. The complete solution, including applications and infrastucture, developed by Armakuni is able to handle the unprecedented peaks generated by a TV show with an audience of 26 million


  1. Delivering success for Red Nose Day 2013 - Mar 18 2013

    Armakuni Ltd is delighted to announce the successful launch of its new high-volume donations platform in support of the Red Nose Day TV show. Built by cloud-service technologies provider Armakuni Ltd., the platform allows Comic Relief to support large-scale events by utilising the best aspects of cloud technologies, whilst giving Comic Relief the flexibility to scale-up the donations platform only when needed, thus reducing annual overheads.

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The Team

Andrew Crump


Andrew has led development of solutions for startups, web development agencies and telco's with a variety of stacks (principally Java / .NET / Ruby) and also managed large distributed teams. He has a strong interest in infrastructure as code and is well-known in the Chef community for authoring popular open source tools.

Benedict Dodd


Ben has twelve years experience across the full online landscape including design and front-end build, implementation of large CMS solutions integrated with existing business services, delivering platform performance to extraordinary levels, deploying large cloud-based platforms such as PaaS and ensuring that services just work.

Colin Humphreys


Colin has twelve years experience delivering working solutions and saving failing projects. Alternating between development and operations throughout his career, Colin is passionate about Cloud Computing, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and PaaS. Colin's tests are better than his code.

Tim Savage


Tim has been delivering technology across the banking, government and third sectors for 18 years, working primarily on high volume/transaction web platforms. He has spent the last 4 years working on business critical payment systems at Comic Relief, and most recently, forming Armakuni.


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