Armakuni is a UK-based application development and consultancy company that gives its clients the freedom to innovate through web applications by embedding excellence and confidence in every step of an accelerated development process.

We believe passionately in the techniques and tooling that we use, and know that we can help our clients reduce cost, achieve extraordinary reliability in key technology platforms, deliver flexibility and allow our clients to scale and adapt their solutions in ways they never imagined. We have an exciting track-record of delivering real results for our clients

We help our clients in two ways:


Embedding proven, cutting-edge development techniques and tooling in clients’ businesses – ensuring they have a sustainable and cost-effective business model with the skills and support arrangements they need

Application development

They use those techniques to work with clients to rapidly deliver against their biggest application development and API challenges




Our overwhelming priority is to give you confidence: both in the technology itself, and that it will meet the needs of your business. This is because of the way we work:


1. Transparent

  • Our solutions are built on open-source technologies with no hidden approaches
  • Our inbuilt testing allows full transparency of what the development is capable of
  • Our approach to commercials is fully transparent and allows you full control of what you are commissioning

2. Reliable

  • Our approach removes dependency on any individual technology provider
  • Our solutions can be deployed on any cloud-based provider and can be proven and tested in a number of different hosting arrangements

3. Scalable

  • We build with scale in mind, making us a perfect partner for crucial business applications that may need to scale; or businesses looking at rapid growth
  • Our approach to techniques and toolings means that we can work in Armakuni teams or shared Armakuni-client teams with the same confidence and quality

4. Efficient

  • Our rapid development which gets to minimum viable product quickly allows you to rapidly prioritise and re-prioritise our efforts
  • Our solutions are not built on any proprietary software, making them cost-effective to support – with or without our involvement

We have a track-record of delivery across varied solutions, with our world-class techniques and tooling at the heart.  From enabling Comic Relief to take millions of pounds of donations on the night of Red Nose Day, to supporting a start-up to get its technology platform robust and scaled to win a new contract, we have a breadth of experience to draw on.



Ben has twelve years experience across the full online landscape including design and front-end build, implementation of large CMS solutions integrated with existing business services, delivering platform performance to extraordinary levels, deploying large cloud-based platforms such as PaaS and ensuring that services just work.

Colin Humphreys


Colin has twelve years’ experience delivering working solutions and saving failing projects. He is passionate about Cloud Computing, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and PaaS. Colin delivers tooling to the Cloud Foundry community, is a regular speaker on PaaS-related topics, and is a member of Cloud Foundry's Community Advisory Board.



Tim has been delivering technology across many industry sectors for the past 20 years, most recently working on high volume/transaction web platforms. He formed Armakuni in 2012 with colleagues to provide a platform through which to deliver business critical systems but through the application of agile methodologies.