Tim Savage - Founder


Tim has been delivering technology across many industry sectors for the past 20 years, most recently working on high volume/transaction web platforms. He formed Armakuni in 2012 with colleagues to provide a platform through which to deliver business critical systems but through the application of agile methodologies.

Benedict Dodd - Founder


Ben has twelve years experience across the full online landscape including design and front-end build, implementation of large CMS solutions integrated with existing business services, delivering platform performance to extraordinary levels, deploying large cloud-based platforms such as PaaS and ensuring that services just work.


Ben Fry -  Head of Solutions


Ben is truly excited by the possibilities of cloud native and Cloud Foundry and the potential it has to enable organisations to design, build, deploy and run software solutions the way they should be, breaking free from all the complexities and constraints associated with traditional methods and technologies.