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Armakuni offers a comprehensive portfolio of training ‘courses’ to help accelerate an organisation’s cloud-native journey, enabling enterprise-wide cloud-native transformation of development, operations and leadership teams.

Our courses are delivered either as public courses or as client-specific training.

Public courses are instructor-led in a classroom environment following a standard syllabus.

Client-specific training is more flexible, and cost-effective, and provide training tailored to client-specific needs, facilitated either as instructor-led in a classroom environment or a ‘lab’ providing immersive in-depth on-the-job training using a real-world client project as the focus of the training.

Foundation Courses

Our foundation courses provide students with an understanding of the concepts, methods, techniques and working practices.

Cloud-native for C-suite

Cloud-native architecture

Cloud Foundry for beginners: from zero to hero

BOSH essentials

CI/CD essentials

Concourse essentials

Advanced Courses

Our advanced courses provide sufficient understanding and practical experience to enable students to quickly apply what they have learnt in their workplace. Where appropriate, we employ a practical learn-by-doing approach, using a case study real-world example as the focus for all practical lab exercises.

Cloud-native for developers

Cloud-native data

Cloud-native for project managers (product owners)

Cloud Foundry operations

Cloud Foundry multi-foundation and multi-cloud

Cloud Foundry platform extension

BOSH advanced

CI/CD advanced

Concourse advanced

Armakuni ‘Labs’

Armakuni ‘Labs’ provides immersive in-depth training using a real-world client project as the focus of the training, enabling change within the organisation, establishing the foundation for ongoing cloud-native transformation.

Cloud-native courses

Cloud-native for C-suite (foundation) - half day

  • Understand the business cases for Cloud-native architectures.
  • Understand how PaaS can enable faster realisation of investments.
  • Understand how resource retention can maximised.
  • Understand the cultural and technical challenges associated with the adoption of cloud-native.
  • Understand how to communicate and evangelise a cloud-native approach to existing business and technical teams.

Cloud-native architecture (foundation) - 1 day

  • Understand cloud-native concepts, methods, techniques and working practices.
  • Understand cloud-native architecture concepts and principles; design and data, e.g. 12-factor app and micro-services, persistence and state, testability.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of cloud-native over traditional design.

Cloud-native for developers (advanced) - 5 days

  • This includes Concourse essentials and covers tooling, TDD, CD, and everything-as-code.
  • Consolidate cloud-native concepts, methods, techniques and working practices.
  • Understand the role of IaaS and PaaS in cloud-native development and continuous delivery environment.
  • Implement a continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Design, develop, test and deploy cloud-native applications to a PaaS.

Cloud-native data (advanced) - 2 days

  • Manage persistence stores in a PaaS environment.
  • Discover patterns and approaches to data architecture to enable cloud-native resilience, e.g. eventual consistency.
  • Manage data in a continuous delivery environment.
  • Approach and pattern to enable automated and continuous testing.

Cloud-native for project managers (product owners) (advanced) - 1 day

  • Approach story management in a continuous delivery environment.
  • Enable fast feedback from delivery in small batches.
  • Understand the ownership boundaries within a team and how this can empower quicker delivery.
  • Understand how to re-imagine test functions within a continuous delivery environment and involve constraining gatekeepers earlier within the planning process.

Cloud Foundry Courses

Cloud Foundry for beginners: from zero to hero (foundation) - 1 day

  • Understand the power of PaaS to accelerate your development, delivery and feel and understand its benefits for both business owners and developers.
  • Understand what Cloud Foundry is, the responsibilities of the different components and how they interact with each other.
  • Understand Cloud Foundry concepts (applications, buildpacks, manifests, organizations, spaces, users, roles, domains, routes, services).
  • Use Cloud Foundry CLI, e.g. `cf push`, `cf scale`.

Cloud Foundry operations (advanced) - 5 days

  • Understand SaaS, OSS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Understand approaches to deploying and managing a Cloud Foundry foundation.
  • Deploy Cloud Foundry to a public IaaS.
  • Troubleshoot Cloud Foundry foundations, diagnose the issue and identify resolution (what to do when Cloud Foundry isn’t working as expected).
  • Understand the resource requirement to manage a Cloud Foundry foundation.

Cloud Foundry multi-Foundation, multi-cloud (advanced) - 2 days

  • Design, develop, test and deploy cloud-native applications using Cloud Foundry across multi-foundation and multi-cloud.

Cloud Foundry platform extension (advanced) - 5 days

  • Design and build custom service brokers.
  • Integrate with Cloud Foundry marketplace.
  • Integrate Cloud Foundry with existing services e.g. logging.

BOSH courses

BOSH essentials (foundation) - 1 day

  • Understand BOSH concepts.
  • Set up BOSH director with BOSH init, deploy a BOSH release, persist data, debug release process, manage VMs.

BOSH advanced (advanced) - 2 days

  • Extend BOSH deployment with co-located jobs, and setup BOSH health monitor to receive emails.
  • Debug failing BOSH deployments.
  • Create a bespoke BOSH release.

CI/CD Courses

CI/CD essentials (foundation) - 1 day

  • Understand why continuous delivery is a powerful approach to delivering software.
  • Assess the tools and approaches leading to a successful pipeline.
  • Review real-world examples of successful pipelines.

CI/CD advanced (advanced) - 2 days

  • Understand the development lifecycle of a continuous delivery environment.
  • Understand how to work with development teams to ensure stable and consistent pipelines.
  • Understand the power of build radiation and the importance of effectively managing build failures.
  • Develop and deploy a build pipeline for a micro-service architectured suite of applications.

Concourse essentials (foundation) - 1 day

  • Understand Concourse concepts.
  • Deploy Concourse on BOSH (or Concourse-lite), deploy an application using Concoure, set up a pipeline, manage secrets of the app and run tests.

Concourse expert (advanced) - 2 days

  • Schedule pipeline, run monitoring jobs, debug builds, set up job groups, deploy a BOSH release to a director and speed up pipeline by using a Docker image.