The Armakuni Approach

  • Practitioner-led Cloud Native training and light touch consultancy to embed lasting change within your organisation

  • Partnering with your engineering teams to support the application of new techniques in a safe environment

  • Working with teams to design a programme of experiments enabling them to adopt and drive forward new techniques moving forwards

Bespoke and Context Specific

We work in partnership with you taking the context of your organisation to build bespoke training that creates clear learning pathways for your staff.   We create the content iteratively with tight feedback loops to ensure that what we are delivering is valuable and perfectly tailored for your teams.

You co-own the IP created as part of the course so you can take ownership of delivery and continue to reap the benefit of the training once we have left.  

As part of the training implementation we help you build learning networks and support communities within your organisation to drive a culture of continuous learning and ensure the training course is just the beginning of your staff’s learning journey.

Principles of our training

Death To PowerPoint

We don’t believe front-of-the-room PowerPoint presentations are a good or fun way to learn. Our sessions are a mixture of hands-on pairing lab exercises, interactive whiteboard sessions and facilitator-led exploratory sessions.


Participants have a lot of experience and skill to contribute to the sessions and the mix of people from the organisation help promote a community of engineers who can share knowledge both during and following the sessions.

Participant Focused

Before our sessions we try to learn about the attendees; how they learn and what they need to successfully transfer what they will learn back to their teams. With the insight the facilitators shape the content and focus to meet these needs.

We ❤️ To Pair

All training exercises follow one of XP’s core practices of pairing – 2 screens, 2 mice, 2 keyboards and 1 computer. This practice is at the core of accelerating learning and sharing knowledge within teams.

A snapshot of bespoke training we have delivered:

Cloud Native Foundation for Engineers

Day 2 Operations

Cloud Native Software Development for Engineers

Microservices - Architecture & Principles

Migrating to Microservices - Patterns for Success

DevOps Foundation

DevOps Awareness for non-Engineers

DevOps for Engineers - Principles, Practices and Culture

Get in touch to discover what bespoke training Armakuni can deliver to your business.