We consult...

Identifying the roadblocks and behaviours that are preventing value delivery.

We will create a roadmap that brings together software creation and training for self sustaining change and better ways of working focused on delivery, value and innovation.

We deliver...

Embedding our battle scarred cloud practitioners into your teams so they can deliver high quality, scalable software that delivers visible benefit quickly.

We work in partnership with your teams to overcome your technical challenges and help you deliver high quality products quickly.

We teach...

Building internal capabilities and ways of working that drive sustainable and continuous improvement. 

Our bespoke modules for both technical and non technical teams help you embed the right practices to deliver value, faster.

Cloud-Native Transformation

Extensive real-world experience leading and supporting people-process-technology transformation to cloud-native, removing the delays associated with traditional software development, focusing instead on more engaged, collaborative teams, application velocity, maximising business value from technology, and creating differentiation at scale, quickly.

Our full-spectrum cloud native solutions - from training and cutting-edge software delivery to multi-cloud platforms ensure technology will never be a limiting factor.
— Tim Savage, Co-Founder, Armakuni

Advisory | Implementation | Operations Support | Platform Extension | Training

Cloud Foundry and Platform-as-a-Service

Over five years’ experience delivering world-class business-critical multi-cloud software solutions at extreme scale on public, private and hybrid clouds using world-class PaaS environments.

We enable you to play at the cutting edge of cloud native software and platform development with the certainty that our extensive experience of PaaS affords.
— Ben Dodd, Co-Founder, Armakuni

 Case Studies

We’ve provided support and expertise to both large-scale organisations and start-ups. Read about how we’ve enabled some of our clients to transform their ways of working, bring their ideas to life and realise their value.

Advisory | Transformation | Training | Engineering

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