Using Google Cloud Run

Google Cloud Run is Google’s new Serverless Container as a Service (CaaS) product. Serverless is a term with many meanings; in this case, it means your containers will scale to 0 running instances when no requests come into your service for a while.

Having 0 instances of quiet services means a service provider can afford to be a bit smarter with their pricing, only charging you when requests are hitting your application, and not charging you at all for the servers that do the scaling.


Internally it’s built on top of Knative (pronounced “Kay-native”). Knative is an open source platform for building Functions as a Service (FaaS) services on Kubernetes, so perhaps we will see extensions in that direction in the future from Google. You could build a version of this on a private cloud by deploying Knative and using the “kn” client, what makes this different is that you’re not paying for the idle capacity on the Kubernetes cluster….. Continue

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