It’s a Multi-cloud World. Here’s How to Consume It Successfully.

We enjoyed reading this article on how to successfully consume a multi-cloud world, written by our friends over at Pivotal:

I’ll admit that I watched the 2018 Nathan’s Hot Dog-Eating Contest. Don’t judge me. It’s awe-inspiring—and super gross—to see a human being consume 74 hot dogs in ten minutes. But it’s an annual tradition, and highlights a food item that’s associated with summertime. We often adjust our diet based on the season or what we’re into at the moment. There’s no doubt that you’re into public cloud right now, and making it a big part of your I.T. “diet.” I don’t think public cloud is a seasonal fad—it’s representative of a long-term change in how you consume infrastructure.

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Just as you need to prepare yourself to ingest dozens of hot dogs in a few minutes, you need to ask some important questions before consuming lots of public cloud. Is lock-in a real thing? What if you’re using more than one cloud? How do you decide what goes where...? Continue

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