Armakuni && Pivotal - Perfect Partners

For the 6th year in a row Armakuni built and deployed the Comic Relief donation platform, this year using platforms deployed, scaled and secured by Pivotal!

The platform, as it has done every year, collected every donation it was asked to and enabled Sport Relief to keep it's promise to help people live happier, healthier, safer lives!


Learning and Sharing at Armakuni

At the beginning of April (2017), I became a permanent employee at Armakuni. I had been contracting with the company part-time for a while already, but they were growing and asked me to join full-time. This was a very exciting opportunity, not least because they were (and still are) making an effort to hire highly skilled engineers, and being surrounded by people like that is one of the best places to learn.

However, due to high demand, most engineers were out on site with clients full-time so we rarely had time together to learn, share and practice. Feeling a little frustrated by this situation, I proposed that we should start a fortnightly internal meetup where we could have talks, discussions, and workshops. For every other Monday evening since this is what we have done.



Continuous Delivery to Cloud Foundry: Why Your Junior Devs Will Love It!

How can you take junior developers, hand them the keys to the kingdom, and trust them to deliver features to production for your clients without micromanaging every line of code they push? The answer is easy if you are using tools like Concourse and Cloud Foundry. 

Concourse is a tool that allows for automated continuous delivery which also happens to work extremely well with deploying apps to Cloud Foundry. 

Speaker Robert Summers recently underwent this journey. He abandoned his career to become a developer through Europe’s leading Web Developer bootcamp and joined Armakuni, a consultancy specialising in cloud-native solutions.

Robert will share some of the challenges that come with entering such a technical field and provide tips for shepherding novices like them into the world of Continuous Delivery and Cloud Foundry.

Continuously delivering continuous delivery

(A talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, July 2017 - Continuous Delivery and Platforms / PaaS -

The rise and acceptance of Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a key tool in accelerating the journey to continuous delivery of your apps into production with the regularity your business requires. However, all too often the deployment and maintenance of the platforms themselves are dogged with the practices and delays that the CD of apps are all too familiar.

This session will serve as both an introduction and overview of the power of PaaS platforms, in this case Pivotal Cloud Foundry, with a selection of both application and platform case studies, continuously deployed all the way to production, in business critical and highly regulated environments.

Whether you're dealing with apps or globally distributed platforms, we hope to demonstrate that small batch sizes and continuous deployment are not only achievable but essential; no more 2am releases, no more working the weekends during "maintenance windows"

Red Nose Day at Scale — Google Next 2017

Each year, Comic Relief raises tens of millions of pounds to fight poverty. A significant proportion of this is received electronically over the 7 hours of primetime television coverage. A few minutes of downtime during this period could mean missing out on millions of pounds to help those that need it most. In this panel discussion from Google Next London 2017, speakers from Comic Relief, Pivotal and Armakuni share their experiences of building, scaling and running a mission-critical multi-cloud solution on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Google Cloud Platform.

Zenon Hannick, CTO, Comic Relief
Tim Savage, Director, Armakuni
David Laing, Engineering Director, Pivotal
Tom Grey, UK Head of Customer Engineering, Google;

Five Years Delivering World-Class Business Critical Apps on Cloud Foundry

Armakuni recently had the privilege of presenting at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt, following up on the Keynote we presented last year in Berlin

Armakuni has worked with Comic Relief to transform the legacy donations platform into a secure, highly scalable and resilient, micro-service platform that caters for over 100,000 concurrent web sessions and up to 500 payments/second. At the same time, Armakuni was able to reduce the team size by 90% and save iro £5m run costs. This presentation will walk-through the journey, analyse the key decisions along the way, and discuss the benefits gained by a move to Cloud Native and why Cloud Foundry was key to the initial success and remains critical to the on-going success of the platform, and is now being adopted across the wider technology function.

Comic Relief is the UK-based charity responsible for ‘Red Nose Day’; seven hours of primetime live TV with circa 26 million viewers raising over a billion pounds in five years. 

Identifying the Developer Gap

We find ourselves in the midst of a technology revolution in which businesses are changing the way they operate and even how they see themselves. More and more companies seek to transform themselves digitally, effectively becoming software companies—rather than shoe companies or shipping companies or financial services companies. In order to achieve this, they rely on an ever-increasing number of skilled developers with an ever-increasing variety of skills.  

Cloud Foundry’s latest Global Perception Study reveals that we are beginning to see the early stages of a skills shortage. The majority of respondents say there is already, or will soon be, a shortage of skilled developers. Most already feel the impact of this shortage, as is reflected in their difficulty hiring and retaining skilled people.

The report Identifying the Developer Gap seeks to understand the skills in greatest demand, and solutions to addressing the skills shortage.

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Your build is probably broken, you just don't know it yet

Modern software development needs a modern CI; the patterns you follow when developing your code should also be reinforced by your CI pipeline. No snowflakes. No unstable results. No unscalable bottlenecks. Everything as code.

We will discuss the patterns that we want a CI solution to follow and why they are important, especially, but not exclusively, in the pursuit of continuous delivery and the adoption of DevOps and PaaS. You should leave feeling optimistic that tomorrow you can use Concourse CI to regain control of your pipeline, dramatically increasing velocity and consistency and, most importantly, reduce the time it takes to deliver value to users and receive feedback.

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Armakuni joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

Armakuni joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

November 8, 2016 – Armakuni, a UK-based application development and consultancy company, today announced it has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Silver Member. Armakuni joins more than 65 other leading technology innovators including Cisco, EMC, HPE, IBM, Pivotal, SAP and VMware as a Foundation member